Designer and artisan

Alessandra Calvani

Alessandra Calvani is an architect who creates her jewelry lines following a well-defined composition project, and switching from a material to another one, she developes various jewelry lines which are easily recognized because of their geometric shape, their materials, cut and lines. Alessandra Cavani reveals her creative talent in a mixture of Architecture, Fashion and Design. She is well known for her choice of materials, the use of industrial manufacturing techniques, the elegant play of colors and the Italian handicraft tradition.

Alessandra Provenzani

She is an architect who comes from Umbria but lives in Roma. Through her design and creations, she menages to express an unpredictable and extraordinary versality of talent. The style, armony and fine design are central in her creations.

Anna Kaszer

Anna Kaszer is an alternative french designer who combines colors and graphic design with an extreme skill. Color is the heart of her handmade collection, which is characterized by wild vegetation, animal life and geometrical patterns created by her own. She creates bags and cotton or silk scarves with great care to details.

Anna Torfs

The ability of glass to capture, reflect and absorb light is the central theme in Anna’s creations. Through an unconventional cutting technique she reveals the contrast between the vibrant centre and the sober “skin” of her objects. To achieve this, Anna has developed new techniques together with great glass masters, realizing fresh and surprising creations.

Antonio Salviati

In mid-19th century Antonio Salviati, a lawyer in love with the mythical lagoon city, decided to revitalize the Venetian glass industry and in 1859 he founded the «Salviati Dott. Antonio fu Bartolomeo». The company developed a new method of making mosaic with glass, reaching a great success in Europe, in America and in Asia. Made by Salviati were the mosaic tiles used for decorating the St. Paul Cathedral dome and the Hall of the House of Parlament in London, the Opera Theatre in Paris and many others.


Since 1991, As’Art dedicates to the crafts industry of developing countries and supports the principles of sustainable development: environment and social equity. From its African journeys, AS’ART brings back selected and precious objects witnesses of a fascinating Africa, unique pieces with an own adventurous history

Carlo Moretti

Carlo Moretti is a "factory of authorship" that creates objects from fifty years in Murano glass combining innovation and continuous research into unique pieces became part of the collections of major museums around the world. Encountering the recognition and appreciation of the world of art and design, the creations of Carlo Moretti provide a signature that has imposed itself on the international market and offer a quality long lasting thanks to the technical skills of the teachers and a family history, made of rigor and seriousness, the choice of materials and the entire production cycle.


In her creative atelier in Belgium, Catherine de Groote designs jewelry with great attention to detail and quality, and selects materials for every piece that is built with respect for tradition. By her workshop in India she gives work to several master craftsmen, and she is contributing in keeping alive the knowledge and the skills of these talented people. CATHs jewels are crafted from organic materials and through a process of polishing, coloring and bending, CATHs tries to elevate their natural beauty.

Cristina Grazioli

Cristina Grazioli is a young artist who lives and works in Rome. She is engaged in fashion and artistic creations: in the field of jewels, of interior design and design in general. She is particularly interested in the artistic manufacture of glassware trying out different materials and techniques. From her passion for the sea, where she continues to sail, both for work and fun, she finds always new stimulus for her personal research on colours, light and transparency.

Deco Echo

All the jewellery in Deco Echo collections is designed by over 30 designers, most of them from Poland with great new ideas, each creating their lovely designs under one umbrella. They are masters in plating metals and in particular sterling silver and they like coating the silver with other metals like gold, palladium, ruthenium and more, reaching a charming and unique result.

Design Object

DESIGN OBJECT was founded in 1991 by a young group directed by Giorgio Marchetto. Its production is exclusively made in Italy and reproduces a minimalist design concept, with essencial and rigourous lines which remember typical nordic handcrafted object.

Georges Larondelle

Georges Larondelle is an elderly gentleman who works in Brussels where he makes his beautiful wooden jewellery. He makes his layered plywood from lots of different woods and then hand cuts and finishes each piece. The result is an incredibly modern graphic, with a wonderful shine.

Hans Peter Neidhardt

Hans Peter Neidhardt studied architecture and design at the University of Venice, where he was influenced by the large glass designer Carlo Scarpa. His keen sense of color allowed him to use in various ways millefiori canes and new and modern. In 1999 he opened his own studio, continuing to explore the technique and color in its lighting and accessories.

Industrial Jewellery

Hila Rawet Karni is the talented woman behind Industrial Jewellery designs, her work transforms springs, ropes, rubber and other industrial unusual materials. All the jewellery collections are designed and handcrafted in her London studio, and her passion continues to inspire innovation in her designs, pushing the boundaries of industrial materials with each new season.


Since 1981, Joid'art merges creativity, contemporary crafts and jewelry to shape characters, that speak the language of femininity. Founded by Julia James and headquartered in Santa Coloma de Farners (Girona), the company has established itself as a leader in the field of contemporary jewellery in the international arena and works with the utmost rigor to continue to evolve without losing its soul accessible.

Laura Contri

She is an artist who makes every object as a sculpture to wear that molds itself perfectly to the body. What distinguishes her work and makes it unique is the perfect harmony that is able to create different shapes and assembling materials such as sand, wood, silver, bronze and pearls. Nature is the main theme and inspiration for his creations which combines the technical skill and craftsmanship.

Le pupe di Giano

"The pupe of GIANO" are all unique pieces created by Massimo Gallotti jewel design, each 'pupa' has his passport, which lists the components and the protection from imitations. All pupae are hand-made by assembling small parts: vintage buttons, shells, old micro-jewelry, spoons, floats, but also beads of river stones, carnelian, lapis, quartz, or horn, bakelite, rhinestones and crystals, elements joined together with copper wire and silver 925 cut, bent, filed, and time.

Lea Stein

A French artist and accessories maker, known for her compressed plastic buttons, brooches and bracelets. She is often hailed as "the most notable and innovative designer of plastic jewellery of the 20th century".


The brand Majo was born in 2000 in Terni. The "challenge" of the three members, while companies moved their activities abroad, was to find skilled local workforces and identify typical techniques of that production place whit whom create modern collections and contemporary taste.

Majo bijoux

MAJO®’s artisans have continued to create their jewellery for twenty years with the same care as in older times and with undiminished passion. Living objects that convey through appearance and touch the energy that created them. A rare example of beauty combined with the excellence of know-how.

Majo borse

Majo bags are manufactured with a special technique that requires a long experience: it starts by a careful selection of the leather and a meticulous preparation, then we realize the body as if it were a vase, and according to its sensitivity, the body takes shape. Naturally, each shell is different from the other, which, together with the peculiarities of color, determines the uniqueness of each individual product.

Marina e Susanna Sent

Marina and Susanna Sent is a company specialized in the creation of Murano glass jewelry and art objects: sculptures, handicraft, glass murrino the watermark, dishes and lamps in glass texture. The specificity of the company, which combines craftsmanship with innovation, emerges clearly in the creation of original jewelry in glass, the result of a process of technical and stylistic renewal in the traditional process.

Marion Godart

The specificity of the brand is in the wealth of natural materials (wood, horn, shell, hard stones, mother-of-pearl). Recently has also appeared in jewelry the resin in which one sees the admiration of the designer trends for Art Nouveau and Art Deco from which he draws his first inspiration

Massimo Ursumando

Massimo Ursumando starts him own business as a designer and manufacturer of jewelry after the chance encounter with a historic Italian foundry and the discovery of processes passed down from generation to generation. The craftsmanship and the simplicity of the lines and the use of traditional metals revised in their finishing, and in the way they are presented and combined, are the main features of him jewels that live in ever new shapes and combinations.

Materia Design

Materia Design is for Rosalba Galati and Laura Saints a passion for the material to be molded. This energy exploration guides hand and mind towards the creation of jewelry with new shapes, different from the usual way of seeing them and wear them, reaching freedom of forms through a game of pure creativity.

Max Bebraine Jewellery

Max Debraine designer jewellery uses only the finest materials from carefully sourced places to create a stunning collection of jewellery that enhances the wearer's beauty. With its tribal influences and modern crafted techniques this collection will not disappoint.

Melissa McArthur Jewellery

Melissa McArthur creates a look that is modern, sophisticated, fresh and exciting, using precious and semi-precious gems and metals, mother of pearl, horn, shell, and freshwater pearls. McArthur’s design is about versatility, modernity and minimalism in her elegant necklaces, graphic pendants and earrings, and sensuous bangles and architectural rings.

Paolo Barrotta

Born to Sicilian mother and father of Salento, the tradition of the family has learned to work gold. At the age of twenty he moved to work in Rome and New York, following in the footsteps of the family that has made Italian craftsmanship appreciated by large international companies. In 2004, he opened his own shop in the historic center of Lecce. Paola now lives in Rome.

Sandrine Giraud

Born from the metal trimmings inspired by modern and contemporary lines, Sandrine Giraud collection presents modular jewels that combine elegance with the grace of lace and pearls with the originality of a modern design. Sandrine

Silvia Rossi

Silvia Rossi launched her label with the Fall 2010 collection and she’s been working for twenty years as a designer and costume jewelry manufacturer. Silvia built a strong technical knowledge in Italy where she studied as a goldsmith, her distinctive creations are mainly made of crystal acrylic, material that combines lightness with transparency and color that remind precious stones. The jewelry are manufactured with a material exclusively produced in Italy.

Sophie Digard

Sophie Digard is a deigner Parisian knit scarves, and above all, a colorist. Synthetic fibers and dyes are shipped to his lab in Madagascar where they worked crochet and hand-embroidered fabrics and transforming into true works of art.

Tomoko Tokuda

Old things have a particular indefinable color and mysterious feeling. He wanted to apply a new light to an old thing that was not able to be used, and this is the main motivation that spin Tomoko Tokuda to produce unique pieces going to the antique markets in various places, and choosing various old parts of watches to combine. The structure of him creation is almost asymmetric like our body and imperfect like human being.

Tzuri Gueta

Textile engineer, designer, artist, craftsman, scientist, explorer, Tzuri Gueta is a hard man to label. His organic/futuristic jewellery in silicones refer to biology. He also designs fabrics and uses them for unique creations sold to all the great couturiers: from Gaultier to Armani and from Vuitton to Dior.

Xavier Derome

Nell’atelier Xavier Derome ogni pezzo è oggetto di particolare attenzione. L’acetato di cellulosa, plastica vegetale composta da oltre il 70% di legno e cotone, viene tagliato nel terreno e segue un lungo processo di creazione di sessanta operazioni interamente a mano.